Texas leads the nation in hot car deaths since 1990, according to KidsAndCars.org. As tragic as it is, parents forget their children in the back seat of their cars. You might think it only happens to careless parents, but it can happen to anyone.

Mothers and fathers of young children work hard, are often tired, and are prone to distraction. Here are tips to remember the child in your back seat.

1. Stick to your routine

Some studies showed that those parents who develop a habit when driving their children are less likely to forget them in their cars. So whenever you bring your kids along, create a routine and stick to it. This way, you’ll never get distracted and eventually you will train yourself to always check the back seat for your children.

2. Place a reminder

You don’t have to look at the back seat to know your child is there. Instead, put something on the dashboard to remind you of them. A toy, a tissue, or even a paper note. By keeping it in your field of view, you will always remind yourself not to forget them on the back seat.

3. Keep your personal things in the back

If you train yourself to place a personal belonging on the back seat, you will establish a routine that prevents you from leaving the car without checking its rear seat. So whenever possible, place your handbag, your cell phone or groceries in the back and train yourself to check on them when exiting regularly. Bonus: Keeping these things in the back seat also reduces driver distractions.

4. Position your child properly

It’s easier to overlook your children when they’re out of sight, directly behind the driver seat. So place them behind the passenger seat or in the center. This way, whenever you glimpse on your mirror, you will see them and remind yourself of their presence.

5. Always check your car when leaving it for long periods of time

Whenever you plan on leaving your vehicle for long time, take five seconds to check it out. Not only will this prevent you from forgetting your children in the back seat, it will also prevent you from leaving your valuables behind and attracting unwanted attention to your car.

6. Make others follow the same practice

You’re probably not the only person who drives your children. Now that you’ve learned a few tricks to prevent you from forgetting the back seat, pass that knowledge to others who fill in sometimes. Talk to your parents, your spouse, and your babysitter – teach them how to practice the same routine.

Forgetting children is preventable. All it takes is minor adjustments to your daily routines.