INIC is a Spanish immersion preschool educating children three months to five years old. We offer challenging curriculum, our experienced teachers have a positive attitude, and secure livestreaming classroom cameras provide joy and transparency.


Academic Excellence

When your child graduates from INIC, she/he will meet and exceed the expectations of their elementary school teacher.

At INIC, your child will achieve escalating developmental milestones for motor skills, language, critical thinking, and social/emotional intelligence.


Spanish Immersion

We are a Spanish immersion school because the brain development that occurs from learning a second language is invaluable to a child’s cognitive development.

It’s not just about speaking a different language. It’s been widely documented that the intellectual challenge of a second language deeply stimulates several regions of the brain, impacting many aspects of a child’s education.


Livestreaming Classroom Cameras

Trust, transparency and joy. Every INIC classroom is equipped with a secure livestreaming, high-definition, full color video camera so parents and grandparents can log in and see their children from a smartphone or computer.

These cameras give us an extra layer of accountability while giving parents an extra level of security.


Community Involvement

From weekly Mandarin Chinese classes to Black History Month and Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, INIC embraces cultural diversity and community involvement.

Austin is a wonderful mix of people, languages, and cultures, and we want students to be proud of their different heritages.

We also promote community involvement by organizing educational visits from civil servants and healthcare providers, and by bringing together families with fun events like carnivals, holiday parties, book fairs, potlucks, and Open Class days.


Extracurricular Activities

We believe physical activity and interpersonal relationships are just as important to a young child's development as academic success. That’s why we provide students with extracurricular activities, including plenty of time to play and explore our outdoor playgrounds and indoor gymnasiums.

We also team up with local athletic coaches to offer sports, and we organize an academic-guided Summer Camp featuring additional activities like yoga, cooking, gymnastics, and more!



Responsive Staff

INIC values customer service. We answer the phone, return voicemail, and reply to emails. We’re available for one-on-one and group meetings. 

We’ve made changes to our business based on feedback from parents. Without you, we wouldn’t exist – we know you have options. Our staff doesn’t have perfect customer service every day, but we try!