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International Immersion Center Preschool (INIC) is an Austin Spanish immersion preschool with experienced, positive teachers and challenging curriculum that accommodates the unique learning style of every child. Every classroom has a secure livestreaming camera so you can check in on your child from a phone or computer.

We engage your little scholar's mind, body, and soul through our core values of respect, service, reflection, positive attitude, and love of family. INIC wants to be recognized by families as the best school for young children in Austin!


Spanish Immersion

INIC provides rich cultural content in Spanish. The brain development that occurs from learning a second language is invaluable to a child’s cognitive development.


Livestreaming Class Cams

Every classroom is equipped with a high-def, state-of-the-art camera that streams real-time, full color video so INIC parents can check in on their little scholar at any time.


Active Campus

Our school campus provides security cameras in every classroom, an indoor gym, multiple outdoor playscapes, and healthy lunches through our catering partner.



INIC Preschool families deserve Austin’s safest facility, a high-quality family environment and the best education, not to mention excellent customer service. That’s why INIC is moving down the street to an all-new facility – to provide those experiences at an even higher level. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how our new campus is developing in this construction preview video! Read more here.