see your child anytime, from anywhere

Trust, transparency and joy. INIC parents and grandparents are delighted to check in on their little scholar anytime, from anywhere – over the internet with WatchMeGrow.

Families can log in and access the secure live streaming web camera in their child’s class. Every INIC classroom is equipped with a high definition state-of-the-art camera that streams real-time, full color video. Families can log in on their computer or on the WatchMeGrow smartphone app.


INIC partnered with WatchMeGrow for this service. WatchMeGrow provides secure, dependable streaming services to preschools - they're the best in the business.

Why do we put ourselves out there for parents and grandparents to see? These cameras give us another layer of accountability while giving parents peace of mind and an extra level of security. Also, grandparents who live far away can log in and feel a little closer to their loved ones. 

Informational video provided by WatchMeGrow